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Ceramic is a decentralized data network that powers an ecosystem of interoperable Web3 applications and services. It’s a decentralised data infrastructure that enables developers to easily store application data, interact with it and build better user experiences without sacrificing the users’ ownership of their own data.

ComposeDB on Ceramic is our decentralized, composable graph database. Combining Ceramic, GraphQL, and reusable data models, ComposeDB is a graph database that unlocks an interoperable data ecosystem for all applications built on it. It lets Web3 applications support data-intensive use cases like rich social features, identity and reputation, shared knowledge graphs, and dynamic collaboration.


🏆 Prizes:

🥇 $2,500

🥈 $1,500

🥉 $1,000

What do we want you to build:

🤝 Best use of ComposeDB models/composites for DAO contributor reputation data

DAO space is an extremely interesting area where data sovereignty as well as interoperability are important aspects for this space to grow and evolve. We would like to challenge developers to build tools and applications that can improve the collaboration between DAO contributors - better ways to facilitate discussions, proposal reviews or tools to make it easier to track member contributions and enable DAO members to build their interoperable contribution profiles.

Key requirement for this bounty - the tool must demonstrate data interoperability by reusing at least one existing data model.

🤖 Best AI-powered application built using ComposeDB on Ceramic

AI is an extremely exciting space right now with so many tools being developed. We would like to challenge developers to build innovative AI-powered applications that leverage ComposeDB models for storing the data, making data more accessible and creating better user experiences through AI and data interoperability. Collaborative prompting, web3 AI assistants, data marketplaces - those are just a few ideas for you to consider.

🔧 Best integration between Ceramic and another sponsoring partner technology that demonstrate data interoperability

We want you to be extra creative and showcase your best attempt at creating dApps that integrate Ceramic and at least one more sponsoring partner. Your dApp should showcase the power of data interoperability by reusing at least one existing data model.

Getting Started