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Bacalhau is a platform for fast, cost-efficient, and secure computation that enables users to run compute jobs where the data is generated and stored.

With the open-source Bacalhau project, you can streamline your existing workflows without rewriting by running Docker containers and WebAssembly (WASM) images as tasks. This architecture is also referred to as Compute Over Data (or CoD).


Prize Pool: $10,000 split equally among up to 5 teams (paid in FIL)

💻 Compute over Data and/or AI: Best solutions on FVM to facilitate decentralized compute and/or AI jobs. Build new solutions or decentralized versions of services like Amazon Lambda, Cloudflare Workers, Kubernetes OR solutions for DeSci, DAI, etc. – using tools like Bacalhau, Lurk (ZK proofs), Lilypad and more!

Examples to help get your creativity flowing:

Decentralized Research Framework: Employ Bacalhau to create AI models that analyze scientific experiment data in a decentralized research platform, while using Lurk to process sensor data and similar inputs.

Decentralized Fraud Detection System: Use Bacalhau to train AI models that can detect fraudulent transactions. Lurk can be used to process data from financial institutions for a decentralized fraud detection system.

Decentralized Medical Diagnostics: Implement Bacalhau to train AI models that can diagnose diseases. Lurk can be employed to process data from medical records for a decentralized medical diagnostics platform.

Decentralized Data Aggregation: Employ Bacalhau and FVM to aggregate data from multiple sources, granting users access to a wider range of data.

Decentralized Gaming: Use Lilypad to deliver decentralized computing resources for gaming servers, promoting a trustless gaming environment.

Decentralized Data Analysis: Implement Bacalhau and FVM for data analysis and insights generation, aiding users in understanding their data.

Decentralized Asset Management: Leverage Bacalhau and FVM to allow decentralized asset management, enhancing users' investment decision-making.

Decentralized Lending Platform: Utilize Bacalhau for training and deploying AI models to evaluate borrower risk, while leveraging Lurk to process data from credit reports and similar sources. This approach empowers a trustless lending system.

Decentralized Insurance Marketplace: Develop a decentralized insurance marketplace, employing Bacalhau to generate AI models that assess event risks. Use Lurk for processing data from varied sources such as weather forecasts and traffic reports.