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XMTP (Extensible Message Transport Protocol) is an open protocol and network for secure, private messaging between Ethereum accounts. With the XMTP SDK, developers can enhance their applications with a universal inbox for direct messages, alerts, and announcements, or build new tools for dapps, DAOs, creators, and protocols to re-engage users via web3 messaging. Its primary contributor, XMTP Labs, is funded by some of the industry’s top venture capital funds including a16z Crypto and Coinbase Ventures.


🏆 XMTP is offering the following for the best use of Web3 Messaging in Dapps, DAOs, and DeFi:

  • 🥇 1st - $2000
  • 🥈 2nd - $1500
  • 🥉 3rd - $1000
  • 🤝 Display of "powered by XMTP" on messaging experience - $100 (x5 each)

Some Hackathon Ideas

Below is a list of project ideas that we think could be great hackathon projects. 

XMTP + Lens - inbox filters

Using Lens Protocol, and the XMTP example chat app (or any messaging front end), create filters for a user’s inbox so they can choose who they want to receive messages from based on Lens filters.

XMTP + Lens - send and receive messages when certain Lens events happen

Using Lens Protocol, and the XMTP example chat app (or any messaging front end), create event listeners that send messages when certain events happen. For example, I would want to receive a message a proposal has been created in a DAO.

E2EE messaging for Gitcoin

Currently, there is no way for bounty owners and bounty workers to chat on Gitcoin. Using the Gitcoin Github repo, and XMTP JS create a chat widget for a Gitcoin bounty page that allows bounty workers to chat with bounty owners. To get an idea of how this could work, take a look at this “Intercom” type widget example.

Chrome Extension Notifications Client

Currently there is no Chrome Extension to notify me when I get a new message on XMTP. Clients like DAOPanel have enabled browser notifications when the tab is open but it would be helpful to be able to get notifications through a Chrome Extension. The user coudl then click on a notification and open a web-app like daopanel.chat for the conversation view.


Getting Started

You can get started by checking out the XMTP developer resources, specifically: 

Developer Resources

Previous Hackathon Project Examples

Helpful UI Examples

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