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Tableland is a decentralized network for relational, composable data — powered by smart contracts + SQL. Mutable data with immutable rules — all using EVM chains like Ethereum. Built for developers, NFT creators, and web3 visionaries.


🏆 Tableland will award:

  • 🥇 $1,000 — Most Innovative Use of Tableland
  • Rewarded to the teams that demonstrate a novel use case using dynamic, relational (meta)data.
  • Bonus points — cross-chain SQL queries (e.g., SELECTs, JOINs, INSERTs, etc.) using at least 2 of the following networks: Ethereum, Optimism, and/or Polygon.
  • 🏊‍♂️ A $4,000 Pool Prize
  • Rewarded to teams that use Tableland’s JS SDK, CLI tool, or Smart Contracts to store relational (meta)data based on any of the example use cases defined here (or related ideas): https://docs.tableland.xyz/use-cases