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The Proof of Attendance Protocol is a public good with the mission of preserving collective memories. By minting recollections as NFTs on the blockchain, the Proof of Attendance Protocol offers humans true ownership over their experiences, which serves as a basis for stronger, deeper, and more dynamic connections.

POAP is home to nearly 200 integrations, built by and for the POAP Community. 

Our builders make POAP great: issuers and collectors can connect, play, and create together.

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Most Innovative POAP Integration

  • 🥇 $2500
  • 🥈 $1000
  • 🥉 $500

🏊‍♂️ POAP Prize Pool — $1000 split between all non-winning but qualifying teams that submit for a prize.

Use Cases We’ve Seen

  • Anti-Farming (Sybil Resistant) Minting or Claiming Solutions
  • Displaying and Interacting with Existing POAPs
  • Novel ways to Distribute POAPs
  • Event Creation (Creating POAPs) from within an app
  • Token Gating Systems