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Triangle powers businesses to embed Web3 experiences across DeFi, NFTs, payments, social, gaming, and many more by using our wallet infrastructure API to build frictionless products and services.

The Triangle API helps you programmatically manage wallets, also known as a Wallet as a Service (WaaS). It's as simple as 1) an endpoint to spin up wallets for your users (with multi-chain support), and 2) endpoints to transact and interact with a protocol/smart contract/etc. We do all the heavy lifting and remove the onboarding friction so that you can focus on building/growing your core business and your users can spend their time engaging with your product.

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🥇 1st Place

  • 🏆 Best Overall use of Triangle - $2,000

6️⃣ Runner-ups

  • 📈 Best DeFi use of Triangle - $500
  • 🖼 Best NFT use of Triangle - $500
  • 👥 Best Social use of Triangle - $500
  • 🎮 Best Gaming use of Triangle - $500
  • 👛 Best Payments use of Triangle - $500
  • 🔥 Best Unexpected use of Triangle - $500