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Polygon is the leading platform for Ethereum scaling and infrastructure development. Its growing suite of products offers developers easy access to all major scaling and infrastructure solutions: L2 solutions (ZK Rollups and Optimistic Rollups), sidechains, hybrid solutions, stand-alone and enterprise chains, data availability solutions, and more. Polygon’s scaling solutions have seen widespread adoption with 18000+ applications hosted, 1B+ total transactions processed, ~100M+ unique user addresses, and $5B+ in assets secured.

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To be eligible for a Polygon prize you must deploy a smart contract to either the Polygon Mainnet or the Mumbai Testnet. Within your project’s README, include a link to the deployed smart contract on Polygonscan and write a short paragraph noting the prize you are targeting and describing how your hack solves the problem statement. Tell us what you’re building #onPolygon by tagging @0xPolygonDevs on twitter.

📇 $4,000 for best use of Polygon ID - Polygon ID is a solution that provides self-sovereign, decentralized and private identity for the next iteration of the Internet. Create a product that integrates Polygon ID’s on-chain verification and permissionless attestation. 

  • Find a list of Polygon ID ideas here.

🤑 $4,000 for best public goods or Refi project(s) - Public goods are good. Solve a problem relevant to any community you are part of by building either a public good or a regenerative finance app. Explain how someone would benefit from your hack and how it could scale globally.

🎮 $4,000 for best metaverse or gaming project(s) - Ready player one! Leverage Polygon’s PoS blockchain for low-cost, high speed transactions to develop an engaging gaming platform or metaverse experience.

👩🏽‍💻 $4,000 for best UX - One of the most challenging problems in Web3 is creating an intuitive and seamless User Experience for dapps. Build a dapp that raises the bar for UX in some way. Hint: check out Rahat’s EthOnline talk on UX. Within your README, explain what you’ve done to hack together a MDP (minimum delightful product).

🧰 $4,000 for best Developer Tool or DAO Tooling - IWe believe improving the developerBuilder experience (DX) is one of the key ways of gaining mass adoption of web3. Hack together an SDK, API, or tool for improving collaboration amongst DAOs and general web3 teams.


This workshop is happening in-person
Polygon 🛠 On Chain Verified Credentials with Polygon ID
Time: 06:00 PM PDT – Nov 4, 2022
Location: Workshop Room 4

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