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Optimism is a low-cost, lightning-fast Ethereum-equivalent L2 blockchain. Working to scale Ethereum’s technology and values, OP Labs is on a mission to build the most secure, stable, and decentralized blockchain, and the Optimism Foundation is seeding and growing an ecosystem that drives global adoption of the Optimism protocol.


Optimism is offering:

🛠 Developer Infrastructure/tooling: 3 teams win $ 2,500 per team

No matter how amazing we make the Optimism network it will never succeed without developers! This prize is for developer tooling and infrastructure. You could win if your project makes it easier to build on Optimism, makes development more approachable or generally improves the development process!

👯‍♀️ Best Bedrock/OP Stack Hack: 1 team wins $2,500

The OP Stack is a series of modules that make it easy as pie to build your own blockchain. Although the OP Stack is still heavily in development, we’re looking for teams to start experimenting by modifying our Bedrock node to do new and wacky things! Maybe you’ll try modifying the data availability layer to support EIP-4844, maybe you’ll modify op-geth to support EIP-1153, or maybe you’ll replace the entire execution engine with a Game Boy emulator (yes, someone did that). The sky’s the limit, give it a shot and see what kind of wild ideas you can come up with!

🎮 Optimism Games & NFT Infrastructure: 2 teams wins $ 2,500 per team

From NFT card games to open-world explorations, we want it all! If your project is a game or makes the NFT world better (i.e no code NFT deployers) then you qualify for this prize!

🫡 govTech & Community Infrastructure: 2 teams win $ 2,500 per team**

Crypto would be a sad, empty space without communities. It would also be very web2 if not for the decentralising force of DAOs and governance! This category is super broad but we are looking for things that make managing a web3 community easier, or make governance more accessible. If you are not sure if your project would count, message us! This category also includes retroPGF-style projects!

🏊‍♀️ Top 10 projects (that don’t win another OP prize!) to deploy on Optimism (mainnet, Goerli testnet or Bedrock testnet) get $250 for the team.


This workshop is happening in-person
Optimism 🛠 The Spirit of Optimism
Time: 05:30 PM PDT – Nov 4, 2022
Location: Workshop Room 4

Getting Started

Optimism Documentation

Need help?

If you are unsure about anything or need help, make sure to join our discord. We have NERDs waiting to help, as well as tons of opportunities for your project to grow and develop after the hackathon!

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