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Midpoint is the easiest way to connect your blockchain application to traditional web endpoints.

Midpoint makes it easy for developers to make any HTTP call from within a smart contract, without running any infrastructure and in one line of Solidity. Unlike traditional oracle networks, Midpoint allows developers to make requests with on-chain parameters, multi-step authentication workflows, and private off-chain data. Midpoint is natively multi-chain and can respond to requests across EVM chains. Every day developers use Midpoint to connect their contracts to new services and endpoints - ones that we (Midpoint Labs) - have never heard of.

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Best use of a midpoint that runs a GET request.

  • 🥇First Place $2,000
  • 🥈Second Place $500

Endpoint ideas: Get token prices with CoinGecko, Get music data with Spotify, Read an email with Mailgun, Check a record with Salesforce, Confirm a signature with DocuSign, Get traffic data with Google Maps, Get housing prices with Zillow. 

Best use of a midpoint that runs a POST/PATCH/PUT/DELETE request.

  • 🥇First Place $2,000
  • 🥈Second Place $500

Endpoint ideas: Post a tweet with Twitter, Send a payment with Stripe, Send a text with Twilio, Track an event with Mixpanel, Ban a user with Discord, Deploy a website with Github, Query blockchain data with Alchemy, Spin up a lambda with AWS.

Getting Started

Message us right away if you have any questions: https://t.me/+pMYh0LecRB45ZmQx