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Evmos is an EVM-compatible chain that is interoperable with Ethereum Mainnet, Cosmos, and many more—making it easy for users and developers to move value between chains.

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🏆 $3,000 - Grand Prize

Awarded for the most exciting dApp deployed to Evmos.

💡 $1,000 - Most Innovative DeFi dApp

Teams may build tried and true primitives that leverage unique Cosmos assets or opt to build something entirely new. This prize goes to a dApp that does something novel within Evmos' DeFi ecosystem.

🖼️ $500 - Sleekest UI

Enhance the ability of users to visualize Evmos chain data via dashboards and data visualizations. A focus on Evmos' Cosmos SDK modules is recommended. Examples:

🏊 Pool Prize

Top two runner-up projects to deploy on Evmos get $250 each.

Submission Criteria:

  • Should be deployed either on the Evmos testnet or mainnet
  • Should be open-sourced

After the Hackathon…

Prize winners and other hackathon participants are encouraged to continue building their projects with help from the Evmos Core Team and Community. Here are some of the ways projects are supported:

  • Community Calls: held every two weeks as a Twitter Space, teams building on Evmos are given a platform to speak on the merits of their respective projects.
  • Governance Grants: apply for a funding from the network's Community Pool. Evmos got started in a similar way!

Getting Started

💻 Developer Documentation: https://evmos.dev/