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Sismo leverages zero-knowledge proofs to enable users to aggregate and selectively disclose personal data to applications.

By using Sismo Connect, an easy-to-integrate SSO, applications can now safely obtain user data that was previously inaccessible.


πŸ† Best Overall Use of Sismo Connect - $2,500

Build a fully functional app that will showcase Sismo Connect capabilities.

πŸ… Best Implementation of Sismo Connect for Reputation-based Services - $1,000

Allow users to safely aggregate their identity with Sismo Connect to unlock your app's functionality. Request zk proofs about highly private sensitive financial data (e.g. holds > 10 ETH on a private wallet) and social data (e.g. DAO participant from a public wallet & has > 100 Twitter followers) to provide exclusive experiences for users.

πŸ€– Best Implementation of Sismo Connect for Sybil Resistance - $1,000

Protect your app from bots and farmers with Sismo Connect (e.g. gate your app to users with a Gitcoin Passport score > 15).

🌟 Most Creative implementation of Sismo Connect - $500

Let your imagination run wild! Create a unique, novel use case for Sismo Connect.

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