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Polygon is the leading platform for Ethereum scaling and infrastructure development. Its growing suite of products offers developers easy access to all major scaling and infrastructure solutions: L2 solutions (ZK Rollups and Optimistic Rollups), sidechains, hybrid solutions, stand-alone and enterprise chains, data availability solutions, and more. Polygon’s scaling solutions have seen widespread adoption with 18000+ applications hosted, 1B+ total transactions processed, ~100M+ unique user addresses, and $5B+ in assets secured.

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ZM builders, we’re challenging you to hack with Polygon solutions to solve real-world problems.

🔀 $2,500 Best use of zkEVM

The Polygon zkEVM launched earlier this year, it's grown to hold a TVL of $50 million and continues to attract major protocols. For this challenge, we want to see your most innovative use of the Polygon zkEVM, this is an open challenge that will see the most innovative and deserving protocols, with killer UX carry the day!

Check out these resources to get you started.


❌ $2,500 LxLy Bridge zkEVM Extension

At the heart of Polygon’s new 2.0 architecture lies the LxLy bridge. The Polygon zkEVM LxLy Bridge facilitates cross-chain communication across Polygon chains. We’re challenging you to create and extend the LxLy sample implementations and add support for different types of cross-chain messaging and assets transfer of custom ERC-20s and any other EIP/ERC you see fit such as ERC1155 etc. Check out the existing code samples and open a PR with your own contribution that facilities cross-chain communication.

Cross-Chain ideas from the Polygon zkEVM team

  • Claim UI: Build a Dapp to allow users to connect and see all valid messages they have that are claimable on a given LxLy chain (Polygon zkEVM etc) and claim them!
  • Implement an OpenZeppelin Governor that allows token holders to vote on Polygon zkEVM with proposals that are still on Ethereum or Polygon PoS Create a snapshot strategy that accounts for token balance on Ethereum, Polygon PoS, & Polygon zkEVM
  • Build a zkEVM NFT project with mint logic that depends on owning an asset on Ethereum or Polygon PoS
  • Permissionless Prover: A smart contract that allows Polygon Labs to put up a reward for anyone who fills in as permissionless prover for when our infra goes down essentially a contract that has a function that checks whether a given verifyBatches() call was successfully called by anyone other than our trusted address, and if so, pays out some fixed reward it holds (MATIC tokens)
  • Or even extend these repos to cover LxLy Bridging https://github.com/ZeframLou/universal-bridge or https://github.com/aave/governance-crosschain-bridges/tree/master/contracts/bridges


🆔 $2,500 Best use of Polygon ID's Verifiable Credentials to preserve user privacy

Self-Sovereign Identity is the future. Use Polygon ID to represent identity-based information as verifiable credentials in your dapp so your users can prove access rights to dapp features without giving up their private data. Polygon ID is also excited to announce a brand new partnership with Dock.io that will allow you to securely extend the privacy of your Lens profile using Verifiable Credentials. Using Dock's REST API credentials can be issued a few API calls. Along with issuing credentials application developers can use the API to manage issuer profiles and create and import data schemas. Dock's tooling also supports non-developers through it's no-code solution Dock Certs which provides the same functionality via a web interface.

This demo shows you how to set up your Dock.io account and begin to issue VCs. Your task is to now leverage VCs to provide additional layers of privacy and security to your Lens Dapp.

Polygon ID resources:

  • Polygon ID Dev Docs and tutorials
  • How to run an Issuer to issue VCs: Video by Tony
  • Fullstack VC-gated dapp template with everything you need for your KYCAgeCredential gated dapp by Steph
  • This demo shows you how to set up your Dock.io account and begin to issue VCs. Your task is to now leverage VCs to provide additional layers of privacy and security to your Lens Dapp.

Ideas from the Polygon ID team:

  • Anonymous voting - On-chain voting exposes the choices made by different public addresses. Create a hack that proves DAO membership with a VC while making sure members don’t double vote.
  • Social proof of influence or activity - Create a proof of influence issuer that issues VCs based on numbers of followers or number of posts across social platforms
  • Bot protection - Create a decentralized verification system providing individual VCs of liveliness & uniqueness that could be combined to prevent sybil attacks.

Lens Ideas:

  • KYC: Imagine if you can securely add KYC to your Lens dapp and be able to rely on the authenticity of that data
  • Lenster badges” from Polygon ID credentials: Import a Polygon ID credential and create a Lenster badge from it (Proof of Hacker, Proof of Human, Polygon Activist,). You could combine these with any of the credentials from WIW or any of the free credential issuers that use Polygon ID.

Lenster badge


🤝 $2,500 Best Public Good with Account Abstraction or Gasless transactions on Polygon

Create a permissionless public good dapp with an app-like UX by sponsoring your users’ gas fees using gasless transactions or by batching transactions into a single transaction. Learn more by reading up on ERC-4337: Account Abstraction and Gasless transactions.

Account Abstraction SDKs

In your project’s README, explain the UX optimization strategies you chose and link to relevant sections of code with your account abstraction implementation.