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Hyperlane is the first interoperability layer that enables you to permissionlessly connect any blockchain, out-of-the-box. With Hyperlane you can connect your app to any chain, and easily have interchain function calls or asset transfers. Hyperlane has a one of a kind modular security stack, that allows you to configure your security model, and customize the security protocol you use to fit the action of your users.


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🥇Top prize - $4,000 - Best use of Permissionless Interoperability

To qualify to win this prize you simply need to deploy Hyperlane on a new blockchain or Rollup. Once deployed, how you utilize your new-found interoperability capabilities will dictate how likely you are to win the grand prize! Could you be the first one to bring Hyperlane to Scroll? Or Fuel? What about other chains participating in the hack? You could even deploy to your own chain! The most compelling submissions will be those that have built an application through their deployment. Additionally an extremely compelling Interchain Application that does not leverage a unique Hyperlane deployment can be eligible as well. See below for more ideas about Interchain applications.

🎼 $2,000 - Best Interchain Application

An interchain application is an app that communicates between chains, it either transfers assets or has interchain function calls. The winner of this prize would be the most compelling application that leverages Hyperlane, and benefits from its presence on multiple chains!

💸 $2,000 - Best use of Hyperlane Warp Routes

Warp Routes are Hyperlane’s unique take on token bridging. They are unique and instanced expression of bridging as opposed to the traditional omnibus token bridge design. Each Warp Route can have its own security model, using Hyperlane’s Interchain Security Modules. Perhaps most importantly, Warp Routes are completely permissionless! No one can stop you from bringing whichever asset you’d like to any chain you’d like.

So how can you win this prize? While the only strict requirement is that you use Warp Routes in your submission, the more creative you get with it the better!

🌐 $2,000 - Write new Interchain Security Modules (ISMs)

Hyperlane’s Modular Security Stack is premised on a variety of available Interchain Security Modules that developers can use to secure how applications can communicate between chains. While a few ISM’s are already available, and more are in the works, the hackathon is a great opportunity to build new ones.

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