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Yearn Finance is a decentralized investment aggregator that leverages composability and uses automated strategies to allow users to earn high yield on crypto assets. Yearn has deployed more than 200 strategies and has over 2B in TVL. Yearn's core product, the yVaults , is a set-it-and-forget-it yield aggregator running on top of DeFi's yield-generating protocols like Compound, Aave, Curve, and Convex. Vaults benefit users by socializing gas costs, automating the yield generation and rebalancing process, and automatically shifting capital as opportunities arise. Because of yVault's open design, other protocols have repurposed the generated yield as a design component in their protocol, including Alchemix, QiDao, Abracadabra, Shapeshift, and SteakWallet.


Build the next new innovation on how to use yield in exciting new ways. Go crazy and implement yield ideas using code. Not sure if it will pass our security review, don’t worry. yAmazing strategies will go through our security funnel after the hackathon. You also can build a strategy on an L2 or an analytics function. Read more for additional ideas: https://medium.com/iearn/building-with-yearn-hack-the-future-of-defi-4bd71e14f585

  • 🥇 First Place - $5,000
  • 🥈 Second Place - $3,000
  • 🥉 Third Place - $2,000