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Streamr Network



The Streamr Network is a layer zero protocol for real-time data transport, delivering a bulletproof pub-sub messaging layer. The Network transports streams of messages from data publishers to subscribers, appearing to the user as a global publish/subscribe messaging service. It is similar in functionality to message queues, enterprise messaging systems, MQTT brokers, Apache Kafka, or pub/sub cloud messaging services. Your Ethereum account is your Streamr account and identity. Every data point on Streamr is Cryptographically signed with the Ethereum private key.

Web3 projects can use the protocol in many ways, for example it allows the implementation of real-time features like chats and notifications, or collecting node metrics from a distributed network and sharing them on aggregate level to empower the community.


Use the Streamr protocol in some way as part of your dApp!

  • 🥇 $2,500
  • 🥈 $1,500
  • 🥉 $1,000

Some ideas:

  • Decentralized real-time wallet-to-wallet communications
  • Off-chain multi-sig chat & conviction voting
  • Decentralized network communications/signalling - nodes can benchmark, gossip with each other their real-time state
  • Validate DeWi networks with your own proof of coverage algorithm
  • Blockchain networking - Broadcast blockchain blocks or signed transactions on streams
  • Open data sharing - Create real-time data exhausts from your open Metaverse character
  • Multiplayer gaming with real-time latency of under a third of a second.
  • Build a Data DAO (Data Union) to monetize pay-to-access crowdsourced data streams