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At Optimism, we're on a mission to scale Ethereum to the masses and sustainably fund public goods in the process!

From the code to the values, we are Ethereum-aligned. We believe Ethereum has the potential to solve some of humanity’s most crucial coordination issues. Since our initial inception as a non-profit research group, we have sought to scale both its technology and values.

At present the most pressing bottleneck to the growth of Ethereum is its performance and scalability. We are building the most elegant solution to this problem. We do this out in the open because we believe in open source and its ability to accelerate innovation.

Not only do we improve Ethereum's performance by orders of magnitude, we donate 100% of the profits generated from doing so to Ethereum public goods. We do this because we believe the future of the open internet is too important to be left to chance. By operating as a Public Benefit Corporation we're able to align private incentives with public good and create a positive-sum economic model that provides a sustainable future for the internet.


So you want to build on Optimism ey? Well we are so glad to have you! We have two main prizes: Pool prizes (for generally cool products) and specific prizes (for specifically cool dapps)!

We also have a host of ways to support your dapp after the hackathon - we are here for the long term!

🏊 Pool Prize

  • Top 10 projects to deploy on Optimism mainnet get $250 for the team.

🏆 Specific Prizes

🏗 NFT Infrastructure: 1 team wins $ 5,000 | 2 teams win $ 2,500 each

  • A healthy NFT ecosystem require a lot of infrastructure to work smoothly. This prize is for the top team that builds out NFT infrastructure! From an NFT collection builder to NFT APIs, show us your infra!

🕹 Optimism Game: 2 teams win $ 2,500 each

  • From NFT card games to open world explorations, we want it all!

🏟 Community Infrastructure: 2 teams win $ 2,500 each

  • From DAO tooling, new token standards to decentralising RPC provision, we are looking for the next hot application.

After the Hackathon...

Now what? Don’t throw all that hard work away! We want to encourage and support builders to do what they do best - build cool shit! If you have won any of the Optimism Prizes you can apply for a grant!

How will Optimism support your project after the hackathon?

  1. Demo Days! We run a Demo Day every two weeks on our Discord server. At these demo days you can show off your application to our community. Get feedback and users! Double win!
  2. Grants! If your dapp won a prize you can apply for a grant - we want to help you build your best dapp ♥️
  3. Community Calls! Once your project is live on Optimism (and ideally has some users) we might be able to organise a call! This could be a Twitter space, Discord call, or in your community!
  4. Governance Grants! Ready to take the next big step? You can apply for a large(r) grant from the Token House Governance! Governance is independent of Optimism so there is no guarantee you will get funding, but if your dapp is good you probably will!


Getting Started