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What is Livepeer?

Livepeer is the world's open video infrastructure. Founded in 2017, Livepeer provides cost-efficient, secure, scalable, and reliable infrastructure that can handle today's high demand for video processing. Livepeer's decentralized network includes over 70,000 GPUs and currently processes millions of minutes a week. Learn about how Livepeer works.

What is Livepeer Studio?👩‍💻

Livepeer Studio, which you’ll be using in your hack, is a video toolkit that makes it easy for builders to access the decentralized Livepeer network.


🏆 Wow us with the best hacks using Livepeer Studio’s video Livestream or On Demand API in web3 gaming, metaverse, social, or creator applications:

🏆1st place - $4,000

🥈2nd place - $2,000

🥉3rd place - $2,000

🎖4th place - $1,000

🏅5th place - $1,000

REQUIREMENTS: Your code must include a complete, functional integration of the Livepeer.Studio API

Projects will be evaluated based on the following criteria:

  1. Technicality: What is the complexity of the problem being addressed and your approach to solving it?
  2. Originality: Are you tackling a new or unsolved problem, or creating unique solutions to an existing problem?
  3. Practicality: How complete/functional is your project? Is it ready to be used by your intended audience?
  4. UI/UX/DX: Is your app pleasant and/or intuitive to use? Have your team made a good effort at removing friction for the user?
  5. Wow factor: Standout that deserves to be recognized!