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Lens Protocol is a composable and decentralized social graph. It lets creators take ownership of their content wherever they go in the digital garden of the decentralized internet. With Lens Protocol, you are in control. You own your profile, where you use it, how you use it, and even how you monetize it. That means you have the power over your content, and it’s all right there, as an NFT, in your wallet. It’s not just easy. It’s how digital identity should be: yours.


🏆 **Lens is offering:**Fast Publishing ✍️ Ideas around how to publish any type of content to Lens as fast as possible. 🥇 1st Prize: 3500 🥈 2nd Prize: 1500


Getting Started

Check out docs.lens.xyz to enter the developer garden, discover ideas for how to leverage Lens, and much more!