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Connext is the interoperability protocol of L2 Ethereum. Connext enables sending value and calling contracts across Ethereum-compatible chains and L2s, with plug-in support for non-Ethereum systems. Unlike other approaches, the Connext does this without weakening economic security by introducing third party validators - it instead has the same trust considerations as the underlying chain(s). 


🏆 Connext is offering:

🥇 Best original project built on Connext - 2,000 USDT

  • Following todays zeitgeist we are looking for solutions that fit the current narratives

🔗 Best crosschain augmentation of an existing protocol - 2,000 USDT

  • Augment an existing protocol to make it cross-chain compatible using Connext

🏊 Pool bounty - 1,000 USD

  • All hackathon-registered wallets that make a successful xCall during the hackathon period will split this pool. Check our hacker starter kit to learn how!

Judging Criteria for all prizes:

  • Innovation of the idea
  • Cleanness of the Implementation
  • Polish level of the finished product