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Āut Protocol



Do more with your DAO.

Āut is an extendable Protocol designed to power the next generation of human Coordination.

The DAOs 2.0, if you like, or a DAO Renaissance.

It does so by "expanding" any Standard DAO Contract - with custom Membership modules on top.


🥇 Build a DAO-powered DApp with Āut - 5,000 USD

A DAO-powered DApp is a new paradigm in building Decentralized Applications supported by a DAO behind the hood.


This goes to projects using one or more of āut products for the DAO + DApp. We're mainly interested in Creative DApps (i.e.: Art, Music, Poetry, ...) or Public Goods DApps (i.e.: ReFi, NGOs, governance, ...). Functional uses of Āut we will consider are:

  • use āutID for Social Profiles, community or role-based membership
  • use dĀut decentralized authentication system for your DApp/Platform's login

Judging Criteria

From a technical standpoint, in order to be considered, each project needs to have a functional integration of Aut:

  1. Join Āut Hacker DAO & claim your ĀutID
  2. Expand your new DAO with Āut Expander, and give it the name of your project.
  3. Use at least one of the products in our product suite functionally in your DApp: - āutID - dĀut
  4. The integration needs to be functional and well described (on GitHub).

Main judgment criteria will be:

  • innovation
  • completion of the product
  • impact (social or otherwise)

Most innovative project/DApp using Aut for Public Goods, (H)Acktivism or Social Networking (local and otherwise) will have additional points.

Projects that are incomplete, or do not complete steps 1-to-4 won't be considered for the Prize.