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One API to build and scale WEB3 applications

Starton is a Web3 developer suite that brings resilience, performance and scalability to any blockchain integration. Starton is accessible trough a dashboard and a REST API that allows you to deploy smart contracts, make transactions, monitor events on blockchains and host file in a decentralized way. Starton might be your best friend during this hackathon. Why ? With Starton you can build next gen web3 app in hours.. Here are a few examples from previous Hackathons:

- Web3 license manager - Community reward system - Decentralized WeTransfer - Decentralized Journalism platform - Decentralized Trello - Video game assets manager - B2B Payment Protocol - Decentralized fact checking platform-


🏆 Starton is offering:

  • ❤️ $1,000 — Best project build with Starton API
  • 🛠️ $500 — Best project build with our Monitor feature
  • 🛠️ $500 — Best project build with our Relayer feature
  • 🛠️ $50 — For each use of a Starton feature


Getting Started

Getting started with Starton: https://docs.starton.io/docs/getting-started

Application: https://app.starton.io/

Discord to get help: https://discord.starton.io

Documentation: https://docs.starton.io/

Tutorials: https://docs.starton.io/docs/Tutorials/Home

API-Doc: https://docs.starton.io/intro

Starton Features:

  • Monitor: inspects every block on all supported blockchains to continuously check for activity.

Documentation: https://docs.starton.io/docs/Watcher/understanding-watchers

  • Relayer: is a blockchain transaction management solution to create transactions.

Documentation: https://docs.starton.io/docs/Transactions/understanding-the-relayer

  • Storage: (IPFS): is specifically designed to store and access files on IPFS.

Documentation: https://docs.starton.io/docs/IPFS/understanding-IPFS

  • Library: Deploy smart contract templates for many use cases in 1-click or with the API.

Documentation: https://docs.starton.io/docs/Smart contract/understanding-smart-contracts

  • Plugin: Connect your Blockchain application to 5000 apps using Zapier.

Documentation: https://docs.starton.io/docs/Plugins/integrating-plugins