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Shardeum is an EVM-based layer-1 that retains low fees no matter how many transactions there are using dynamic state sharding. Every time a new validator joins the Shardeum network its TPS capacity increases. Shardeum measures its load every 60 seconds and auto adjusts the number of validators to process the current demand. As the only blockchain with autoscaling technology you will never experience rising gas fees on Shardeum.

If you want to build a decentralized application with millions of daily active users, build on Shardeum. Building on Shardeum is as easy as any EVM-chain.

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To be eligible for a Shardeum prize you must deploy a smart contract on the Shardeum Devnet. Share your app with us on Twitter by mentioning @LetsBuildWeb3 for a chance to be retweeted by @Shardeum and @NischalShetty.

🤝 $3,000 for best B2C project - Web3 needs B2C apps with use cases that are similar to popular web2 apps but make use of decentralization to offer more convenience or lower costs. Develop an app with popular web2 features and make it decentralized to improve the user experience. Example use cases: decentralized messenger, rideshare, game, marketplace, social media, finance, etc. Build a dApp that can go viral with Shardeum’s autoscaling features.

💸 $1,000 for best DeFi product - One of web3’s most popular use cases today is DeFi. Shardeum is in testnet and needs lending protocols, yield farms, AMM’s, stablecoins, DeFi aggregators, digital wallets, etc prior to mainnet. Build the next top DeFi protocol on Shardeum!

💬 $1,000 for best use of social feature(s) - Users love social features! Build an app with social features such as posts, comments, messages, likes, video streaming, friends, etc. The social feature MUST be decentralized and generate an on-chain transaction when used. Shardeum’s stable low transaction fee makes micro social transactions possible.


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