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Marlin is a distributed node network that allows developers to outsource intensive zero-knowledge prover computations and operations of backend services to enclaves, GPUs and FPGAs. Enclaves ensure the integrity of computations and confidentiality of data on third-party systems allowing even secrets like private keys to be transmitted for autonomous bots and low-latency event-based applications.


Marlin will award three prizes for the most innovative use case of the Marlin network:

  • 🥇 – $2000
  • 🥈x2 – $1500 each

Use Case Ideas:

  • Anything involving a backend or off-chain actions
  • Deploy existing services like the Flashbots relay, pokt gateways, graph gateways inside enclaves
  • Oracles that use enclaves to ensure security and integrity
  • Backrunning services that share MEV with users
  • RFQ/CoW/Batch auction style DEXes that use enclaves to objectively determine best execution
  • Apps that process sensitive data like identity, medical records, financial records while still preserving privacy
  • ZK apps for payments, voting, credit-scoring that oursource ZK proof generation to Marlin