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Need immediate, structured and detailed blockchain data for Polygon, Ethereum, or 40+ other EVM chains and Solana? Covalent’s got you covered with our one unified API.

Register for a free API key and join the 40,000+ developers using the Covalent API to power their Web3 applications. We’ll even send you an exclusive ETHIndia NFT just for signing up 🔥



Covalent is offering $10,000 USD (stablecoin) in prizes broken down as follows:

  • 🥇  1st - $3,000
  • 🥈  2nd - $2,000
  • 🥉  3rd - $1,000
  • … And a $4,000 pool prize!

Prizes will be awarded at Covalent's discretion based on the:

  • Use case and problem addressed
  • Quality of the live app or working demo
  • Use of the Covalent API

The Covalent API is ideal for building multi-chain projects where you need balances, transactions, token holders, pricing, and decoded log event data such as:

  • NFT marketplaces
  • DeFi and DAO analytics dashboards
  • Wallets and asset tracking
  • Tax and accounting applications


This workshop is happening in-person
Covalent 🛠 Building Web3 Applications with One Unified API
Time: 04:30 PM IST – Dec 2, 2022
Location: Workshop Room 2

Getting Started

Getting Started

  • API Key - You’ll need this to use our API
  • API Docs - Use the Covalent API directly from the browser with our API docs
  • Covalent Postman Collection - Quickly sample all of Covalent’s endpoints from the comforts of your Postman workspace.
  • Knowledge Base - check out our developer support resources and details on every supported blockchain network.
  • Templates - build rapidly with our ready-to-use code templates, React components and other web3 resources