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Biconomy is a Web3 developer platform that empowers blockchain developers to build without limits, so we can all easily access and benefit from a decentralized future.

Integration with the new Biconomy SDK takes only minutes and allows easy plugging, stacking, and customization of APIs and modules that result in many UX benefits, including one-click user journeys, transaction bundling, and control over gas fees.

KEY Benefits of #BiconomySDK:

  • ✅ Simplified UX + Use Onboarding
  • ✅ Secure and Easy Self-Custody
  • ✅ Gasless Transactions
  • ✅ One-Click, Chainless Experiences
  • ✅ Transaction Batching
  • ✅ Customisable and composable modules, like Legos


You must deploy a use or build on the Biconomy SDK to qualify for the Prize. Inside the project README file, you can write a short paragraph noting the Prize you are targeting and describing how your hack solves the problem statement. Please tell us what you’re building on #BiconomySDK by tagging @Biconomy on Twitter.

🥇 $3,000 - Best Module on Biconomy SDK

We believe that all Web3 users need a smooth and secure experience delivered efficiently. With Biconomy SDK, you can create smart contract wallets for your users. Create tooling or modules on SDK to improve and extend smart contract wallet functionality.

Some examples:

  • You could create social recovery functionality to help users recover their smart contract wallet.
  • You could create session keys to abstract repetitive user signatures and improve the user experience.
  • You could optimize the gas used for smart contract wallet creation.
  • You could build tooling to automate transactions on a smart contract wallet.
  • You could build tooling to protect smart contact wallet users from MEV bots.
  • You could build a multi-signature module on top of smart contract wallets.

🥈 $2,000 - Best Transaction Batch using Biconomy SDK

Today the need to sign every transaction individually leads to a complex multi-step user experience. With Biconomy SDK, you can batch transactions to create one-click flows. We are looking for impactful transaction batches which reduce user clicks, save on gas fees and save the user time. A great way to shoot for this Prize is to attempt to make transaction batches for the most innovative & widespread use cases.

For example You could create a use-case to batch to sell an NFT, swap those tokens to ETH with Uniswap, stake on Aave and reinvest the yield into ETH. Make it one click instead of asking for more than ten user signatures across four different platforms.

You could create a UI where users can make their transaction batches using smart contract wallets.

🏊‍♀️ $5,000 - Biconomy will grant $250 to dApps that integrate the Biconomy SDK, uses the smart contract wallets to build offer UX flows, and has a working demo/dapp (max 20 projects).


This workshop is happening in-person
Biconomy 🛠 Building dApps that even grandmas can use
Time: 06:00 PM IST – Dec 2, 2022
Location: Workshop Room 1