Web3Auth is simple, non-custodial auth infrastructure that enables Web3 wallets and applications to provide seamless user logins to both mainstream and native Web3 users. By aggregating OAuth (Google, Twitter, Discord) logins, different wallets, and existing key management solutions, Web3Auth provides dApps/wallets a familiar experience that fits every user.


Web3Auth is offering:

Integrate any Web3Auth solution (https://web3auth.io/docs/index.html), including our MPC SDK (https://web3auth.io/docs/sdk/web/web3auth-mpc), into your application and gun for one of our idea tracks: 


📲 Best Overall App US$7,000

🔐 Security Track

🥇 Best in Track US$4,000

🥈 Runner Up US$1,000

  • Building Security Policies on the MPC engine
  • Personalizing security in a scalable way ( Daily Limits, scam detection, transaction uniqueness…)
  • Combine MPC with Smart Contract/Multi-sig capabilities
  • Can we introduce time based security on MPC? (TimeLocks, VDFs?)
  • What are IAM systems that ppl would appreciate? (i.e. Gnosis Safe + MPC)


🪪 Identity and Data Track

🥇 Best in Track US$3,000

🥈 Runner Up US$1,000

  • Utilize user based encryption/decryption
  • Could we build a messaging layer for wallets/apps based on user public/private keys?
  • What is a UX Friendly permission systems for users when talking about their data?
  • Combine Web2 and Web3 identities
  • How can we help apps identify what users would be into ahead of time?
  • How can we manage backend systems for web2 and multiple wallets/web3 identities for server resources?
  • Can we share re-captcha or KYC certificates with trusted entities?


👩🏽‍💻 Use-case and UX Track

🥇 Best in Track US$3,000

🥈 Runner Up US$1,000

  • Payments
  • How can we make crypto payments more friendly/widespread?
  • What stack/market would appreciate crypto payment adoption?
  • Silky smooth UX
  • UX that we just can’t resist
  • Gasless abstraction on ETH2?



This workshop is happening in-person
Web3Auth 🛠 Utilize MPC in User-Centric Non-Custodial Keys for Secure and Seamless Onboarding
Time: 05:00 PM -05 – Oct 7, 2022
Location: Workshop Room 4

Getting Started

Web3Auth Documentation: