Sismo enables users to generate ZK Badges proving their reputation or identity without compromising their privacy. A ZK Badge is a Non-Transferrable Token which represents an attestation (e.g I donated on Gitcoin, I am part of Proof of Humanity registry, I sent more than 100 transactions on Ethereum etc..). As ZK Badges follow the ERC1155 Standard, they are very easy to use to gate your app in a privacy preserving way. Sismo is a modular and open protocol: anyone can easily create its own Badge for its app or community.


Sismo is offering:

  • 🥷 Privacy fighter prize - $2,000: Best use of Sismo to improve users privacy
  • 🛡 Sybil Killer prize - $1,500: Best sybil resistant ZK Badge
  • 🧰 ZK builder prize - $1,500: Best on-chain use of ZK Badge