Scroll is a zkEVM, a zk-rollup layer2 on Ethereum, compatible with Ethereum at the bytecode level. Being built in the open for over a year, Scroll’s mission is to scale Ethereum in the best way possible while preserving its core values. With the launch of the Pre-alpha testnet, Scroll is inviting the developer community to join early and begin innovating.


💡 $2,500 prize for most-innovative

  • Possibilities include new AMMs, new types of lending pools and more! Dream big.
  • Scroll currently is in a whitelisted testnet mode, and as such there are limited integrations
  • The goal is to push developers to think of innovative applications that can be done without any other integrations on chain! Think creatively and from first principles :)

🚀 $2,500 prize for best zk-dapp

  • Scroll uses a proving system called Halo but it is one among several proving systems that can be used
  • zk-dapps are applications that use zk in some key way to enable functionalities that would not be possible otherwise, with smart contracts that live on the blockchain

We are giving a 2.5k for the team with the best application of zk while having the smart contracts related to the application deployed on Scroll.

→ For inspiration, some examples of zk-applications are: https://github.com/nalinbhardwaj/zordle, https://zkga.me/, https://stealthdrop.xyz/


This workshop is happening in-person
Scroll 🛠 An Introduction to Scroll: Deploying contracts and a glimpse into the infrastructure
Time: 10:00 PM -05 – Oct 7, 2022
Location: Workshop Room 4

Getting Started

Whitelisting instructions for participants:

Go through the documentation here for deployment instructions: