Extend the functionality of MetaMask. The most popular wallet is now an extensible platform for permissionless innovation. Bring your features and APIs to MetaMask with Snaps.

A snap is a program run in an isolated environment that customizes and extends the wallet experience. We are looking for new and interesting use cases to modify MetaMask using Snaps.

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Develop a Snap utilizing our recent features and APIs:

  • Transaction Insights Bring your insights, anti-phishing, and security solutions to the MetaMask UI with the transaction insights API.
  • Notifications MetaMask Flask introduces a generic notifications interface that can be utilized by any snap with the notifications permission. A short notification text can be triggered by a snap for actionable or time-sensitive information.
  • Custom confirmation screen Show a MetaMask popup with custom text and buttons to approve or reject an action. This can be used to create requests, confirmations, and opt-in flows for a snap.

🏆 Prizes

  • 🥇 1st Prize - $3,500
  • 🥈 2nd Prize - $2,500
  • 🥉 3rd Prize - $1,500
  • ✨ Runner up x5 - $500 each


This workshop is happening in-person
MetaMask 🛠 Transaction Insights
Time: 10:30 PM -05 – Oct 7, 2022
Location: Workshop Room 4