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CoW Swap finds the lowest prices across all exchanges and aggregators & saves you more by matching Coincidences of Wants (CoWs) and protecting from MEV. 

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1️⃣ Bounty 1:

With ERC-1271, smart contracts can now sign messages as if they were EOAs (Externally Owned Accounts, like MetaMask).

On CoW Swap, EOA users don’t pay gas and never pay for failed transactions because they sign messages to place their orders — but smart contracts don’t get these same benefits, since (before ERC-1271) they must place their order with an on-chain transaction.

🥇 We will award $5000 to the team that builds the most-creative demo of ERC-1271 to place orders on CoW Protocol, giving as many unique benefits as possible to smart contract users.

An extra $2500 is available if you attach an interesting front-end to your solution.


2️⃣ Bounty 2:

Today, CoW Protocol is mainly used by traders leveraging the CoW Swap frontend.

Our target audience for CoW Swap is retail users that need a simple UI and want to avoid various blockchain complexities. But anyone can build a UI on top of CoW Protocol that is tailored to a different user profile (e.g. pro traders, smart contracts, exotic custom order-makers looking for TWAP, limit orders, etc.) — and these are all highly-desirable.

💻 We will award $2500-5000 (depending on the response to the first bounty) to the team that builds and deploys the most-creative frontend on top of CoW Protocol.


This workshop is happening in-person
Unstoppable CoWs 🛠 How to leverage EIP-1271 to place all sorts of smart orders on CowSwap.
Time: 06:30 PM -05 – Oct 7, 2022
Location: Workshop Room 2

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