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Coinbase Cloud is committed to empowering crypto developers by making it easier and faster for them to build their applications. Developers can integrate with the APIs powering Coinbase from a single documentation site at coinbase.com/cloud. Guides and references make it easy for developers to incorporate key crypto primitives like node, trading, and payments into their products and services. Developers can now set up an account at https://console.cloud.coinbase.com/ and begin building with Coinbase APIs using Node! We will continue to release additional APIs, tools, and services as part of Coinbase Cloud. This is only a first step in what’s to come as we work with the web3 community to build the future of web3.


🏆 Coinbase Cloud is offering:

  • 🏊 Prize Pool 1 - $6,000 pool for anyone who builds on Coinbase Node
  • 🎱 Prize Pool 2 - $4,000 pool for anyone who integrates and demos with Coinbase Wallet


This workshop is happening in-person
Coinbase Cloud 🛠 Buidling with Coinbase Cloud
Time: 04:30 PM -05 – Oct 7, 2022
Location: Workshop Room 2

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