Autonomy Network is a decentralized automation protocol. It allows anyone to do arbitrary actions and have them execute in the future under arbitrary conditions, even while the user is offline. Developers use Autonomy to add features to their dapps that require automation. For example, DEXes can add limit orders/stop losses, DAOs can do recurring payments for salaries, lending platforms can do auto-repaying loans. It’s infrastructure, like ChainLink, but for automation, not oracles. Autonomy is live on the major EVM chains, Solana, and soon more non-EVM chains.


📤 Best uploaded condition/action for AutoStation:

  • 🥇1st - $2,500
  • 🥈 2nd - $1,500

AutoStation is a no-code interface for automating things, like Zapier but decentralized and a platform. People can upload conditions or actions for other people to use, and this prize is for coming up with the best condition or action and uploading it to AutoStation for people to use.

Some ideas for conditions you could create:

  • TWAP price on DEXes
  • The collateral ratio of a loan
  • Some ideas for actions you could create:
  • Withdrawing liquidity from a DEX (e.g. if paired with a condition of prices, this acts like a 'stop loss' for LPing, therefore limiting impermanent loss)
  • Repaying/taking out a loan (e.g. paired with the collateral ratio condition)
  • Rebalancing a portfolio (e.g. every time it moves off of some metric by 1% or something)
  • Compounding yield in a yield farm (e.g. pair with a time condition for doing that every day)

🤖 Best general use of Autonomy:

  • 🥇 $1,000